Audiovisual is a key component to the world of RYNOVISION.  The sights and sounds that you will find here have been selected for both rhyme and reason. The purpose is to stimulate your mind and induce critical thought about this crazy world into which we were thrown.  Using the AV feature is simple.  First, open the side menu and scroll down until you come to “RYNOTUNES”.  Here you will be given a selection of music.  Simply start from the beginning of the list or select any song and click the play button.  Next, scroll back up until you have “RYNOPICS” in clear view on your screen.  Here you will have a slide show that automatically displays random images.  These images and songs have been hand-picked to arouse your limbic system.  You can skip to the next image, revert to the previous image or pause the slide show on the current image.  The image will often synchronize perfectly with the song’s rhythm and lyrics.  For a more surreal effect, the use of headphones or earbuds is recommended along with a viewing area that is free from distraction. Like “Clockwork Orange“, it’s a mild form of aversion therapy for your cognitive dissonance.  There are hundreds of shuffled images and looping GIFs along with nearly seven hours of music; combined to create one continuous, random music video. Like all that  is in the Universe, no two experiences will be the same. Open your mind to RYNOVISION as enlightenment is sure to ensue.



WARNING: It has been suggested that the realistic portrayal of graphic violence in visual media may cause sufferers to encounter lifelike trauma triggers while watching movies or television.


“Life is nothing more than a series of chemical reactions”. ~Ryno

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