Chemical Reactions and God

This is a realization of what life is really all about when you break it down to its most basic and simple form.  It took thirty-five years of wonder and confusion before finally having the “Ah-Ha” moment.  That moment came during a college biology class when the professor was explaining the different components of the heart…more specifically the sinoatrial (SA) node and the heart’s electrical system.  For those unfamiliar with the SA node , it is the innervated tissue, located on the right atrium of the heart, that is responsible for the initiation of the heartbeat.  It receives the electrical signals from your brain which tells the heart muscle to contract.  Essentially, it is your natural pacemaker.  Class discussion began to revolve around the forming heart of a baby and my curiosity was instantly piqued.  What makes a baby’s heart beat for the very first time?  Without hesitation, before even considering the possible answers to this question, I proposed it to the professor.  What happened next changed my entire outlook on life in a matter of a few seconds.  I was expecting to hear a highly technical answer with a lot of big words concerning anatomy and physiology.  Instead, the professor gave me a rather blank stare; as if he had never been asked this question before.  I rephrased my question to give him a little more time to think about it.  Finally, after what seemed like five minutes (five seconds in reality) the answer I got was “God”.  Not what I was expecting at all.

To be continued…

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